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UMA Programme

Good news!!! - Now we can teach 3X faster than any traditional abacus mental programs. With the crystallisation of years of research and development, we can now greatly improve your kid's ability to learn with a factor as much as 3.  call +6591281568 to inquire.

Kinder, Child, Adult Programmes

1.Kinder Age (4-6)

a.      Can read, write and understand 0-9, we will assess your children to decide where they are suitable for our


b .     We will provide specific textbooks and pace of progress to suit them psycho-physically. Kinder students can

         grasp two hand methodology and basics of abacus mental arithmetic fully to lay the foundation for future


c.      Students begin to have brain images for mental arithmetic without relying on abacus and perform

         calculations through image motion mechanism.

c.     We emphasize instilling interests to them and they will gradually command good skills necessary to move


2. Primary Age (7-13)

a.      Students will be furnished with customized textbooks to best match their ability. They will possess solid

         two hand methodology and get full stimulus to their brain and develop more balanced brain.

b.      Students will undergo tremendous benign changes in terms of their memory, concentration, reaction and

         problem solving abilities. Further stimulation of the mind through brain image in the form of mental

         arithmetic could enhance their brain ability even further, and they will begin to show qualification

         in their various aspects of performance and confidence.

c.      Students will receive grade test to attest their hard work worthwhile.

d.      Through systematic training and with the assistance of online learning programme, the children will leap

         ahead beyond your imagination.

3.Adult  Age(14-100)

a.     For the adults, learning UMA can enhance your brain activity greatly and thereof your intelligence and 

        your quick reaction to information.

b.      Adult brain acuteness will deteriorate proportionate with your age. Through our learning movement,

         the adult can retain more part of their brain and can lead a better and more competitive life.

4.Teacher's Certification Training

a.     UMA tenders perfect trainer certification program. Delicately designed and comprehensive textbooks,

        rich and systematic online learning programme and world #1 multimedia are the grantees of a successful

        teacher. There is no other institutes that can provide such richness for the people that aspire to be a

        professional teacher.

b.      UMA advanced methodology and core values will all be included in our teacher's training programme.

         Master Zhu's

         unique way of teaching and the designing of holistic perspective will be on your table.

c.      Students ability management; how to quickly improve their ability.

d.      How to make the students grow happily; how to customize contents for students with different mind-body

         combinations. How to tap on online learning programme to increase students speed.

5.The Ending Words

UMA provides unique programmes for different group of students and teachers with our world class system. All of them will enjoy the abundance of the programme and sail for their great potent and mind.


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