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UMA Program is effective

I sent my kid to UMA. I feel very happy, cos my kid can always finish the homework by his own efforts. I sometimes asked the UMA teacher to teach me then I can go back and teach my kid. However UMA teacher told me there is no need for me to learn, because the kid will always know how to do his homework. Indeed, I never worry about my kid's homework. Thanks, teacher Liu.
The administrator to reply: We fully understand that parents are too busy nowadays. That's why we are providing an effective system making sure that kid will always move forwards without parents to be involved.


在我的女儿学习心算之前,我走访了很多家心算教育机构。最后我选择了UMA, 我觉得我很幸运。有家长感不解,大成心算好像是没有什么名气。是的大成心算是没有什么大的广告营销投入,但是大成心算的系统可以说是最前沿的,她的双手拨珠可以说是最先进的教学方法。我的孩子是K2, 3个月前进入大成心算UMA, 三个月左右,她已经完全掌握了所有的口诀,心算已经达到我都赶不上的速度。这真是太神奇了。 最主要的是他们的作业很少,几乎不用我操心:)
The administrator to reply: 谢谢家长,您的孩子的进步是我们最大的心愿。

UMA system is amazing!!!

I am a teacher of dual-hand abacus mental arithmetic, and I have taught the course for many years, and am always looking for breakthroughs, but no way to find the knack. I accidentally met Teacher Zhu and he talked about his notion of how to teach 3 times faster. During the teacher's training, I was shocked by the innovational methodologies adopted by UMA and fully convinced that UMA's way is the only way for the future of abacus mental arithmetic. I am amazed to see how teacher Zhu used latest tech to make students learn far easier. For many students, previously I thought it would be too hard for me teach and now it was so naturally to teach them again. Teacher Zhu has created a way of building frequency for the slower students to follow and indeed I see students improve more than 3x... Because teacher Zhu has really mastered the essence of the essence of the teaching.
The administrator to reply: Thanks, Teacher Leow, We are continuously innovating to raise the bar of abacus mental arithmetic teaching for the benefits of teachers like you and students in general.


The administrator to reply: 我们的任务是教会每一个小朋友,我们会以最快的方案解决您的每一个问题。

UMA Special Program.

I am an abacus/mental arithmetic teacher. I have heard that UMA is providing dual-hand special training program that is able to teach 3x faster. I want to know more...
The administrator to reply: Yes, we teach very fast. If you are interested, please come to our centre to discuss face on face. We will reveal to you the world most advanced system that is able to make your students progress 3x faster.

How could you teach so fast?

My son is K2 and he attended UMA only four months with no background. But to my surprise, he seemed to be mastering everything so perfectly. For the first ten lessons, he progressed to Mental Grade 13, and at the end of the 3 months, he has already progressed to Mental Grade 11. And for only 4 months, he mastered all the abacus formulae so skilfully. What I am even shocked is that he has quite little homework that all can be done within 20 minutes. How did you do that?
The administrator to reply: UMA is always keen on developing better solutions for the students and teachers. With the recently proprietary proven system, we can teach even faster than before. With the new system, the students can learn more naturally and happily.

My son is dyslexic

My son is dyslexic. My friend refereed me to UMA to learn the abacus. Initially, I feel dubious and even my husband tried to dissuade me. But to my greatest happiness, he learned so well here. I never expected him to learn so well.
The administrator to reply:

UMA's program is quite flexible. We teach different students with different strategies and methodologies. We will never solely rely on the books to teach. Actually, we spend only 15% percent with the books in the lesson. That's why we can cater to the needs to the students and teach him. And also thanks for the cooperation of the parents, because it is both parents and students efforts and responsibilities to make kid excel and flower.

Thank you, UMA.

After half a year of learning at other center, I felt almost desperate. My son always seemed to be clumsy in mastering all the formulae, and he seemed hardly able catch up. But after attending UMA only 3 months, he has totally changed, and now he is so deftly handling the abacus and mental arithmetic,and it is like his second nature. I am glad to see my son be brimming with confidence again. Thanks, UMA
The administrator to reply: Actually, you son is very clever and the top 20 students as per our assessment. What we do is only to emphasize  some key concepts and strengthen them, he can immediately catch up and move on at a faster pace.

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