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UMA Methodology

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UMA adopted two-hand methodology for abacus and mental arithmetic. Through two-hand way of stiring beads, students can develop both sides of their brain to induce great potent and create brilliant mind. Our methodology includes but not limited to the below:

1. Two-Hand Methodology

We adopted two-hand methodology for teaching. Two hand methodology can stimulate both sides of our brain and foster greater mind.

2. Speed Training
Through systematic training to enhance students' speed in imagining  image motions.

3. Reactive & Reflexive Response Training
Nurturing students' comprehension on questions.

4. Aural Mental Arithmetic training
Through Multimedia and Online Learning with aural listening to increase student's ability even more.
5. See and count training
To See and calculate is the most basic form of studying in UMA.

6. Multimedia Abacus

Multimedia Abacus is the secret weapon of UMA that acts as a teacher 24 hours a day.

7. Online Learning Programme

Through Online Learning Programme, students can make great progress wherever they go.

A Holistic And Comprehensive Studying Enviroments

UMA possessed world class methodology and systems as per following:

Comprehensive Textbook Systems. 

UMA has got more than 140 delicate textbooks that are concocted through years of research and based on students' acceptance and are solid base for students to succeed. Their unique design makes students to achieve greater success without least hampers.
Online Learning

Our Online Learning is a perfect match for our textbooks, all are designed in a tiered fashion from easy to difficult. Students can make great progress with it.
Multimedia Abacus

Out special unique online multimedia abacus is Holy Grail for abacus mental arithmetic  institutes as a whole. With it, students are accompanied by intuitive teacher that is willing to answer all your questions. And the multimedia abacus is tightly integrated to our online learning programme.
Management System

Our Student Management System is the key for teachers to understand and manage students and it also a forum for our teachers to grow and exchange experiences. Information from all channels (teachers, online learning, textbooks...) are funneling into the management centre for teachers to make decision.


Brain Structure and Functions 
Human brain has two very different ways of thinking.

1.  The right brain is visual and processes information in an intuitive and simultaneous way, looking first at the whole picture then the details. 

2.  The left brain is verbal and processes information in an analytical and sequential way.


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